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To grow any plant successfully, you must consider three crucial factors: light, air, and water.


Let’s begin with light. Plants require light to produce energy through photosynthesis. While animals and fungi consume pre-made organic energy sources, plants synthesize their food directly from the air with the help of light. All the bio-available energy that humans use today has been converted many times by plants.

Photosynthesis is a fascinating process that begins with light hitting the cells of plant leaves. During the light phase of photosynthesis, plants use light to break down water molecules into hydrogen and oxygen. They accumulate hydrogen, use it for energy production, and later synthesize carbohydrates, forming the basis for plant growth and development.

Precise amounts of light we supply to our plants and the periods that light is being delivered will not only translate to the precise amounts of energy the plant is getting but determine its life stage (in photoperiodic plants).

Indoors we measure and control the amount of light plants get in light and darkness periods.



The second crucial factor is air. The earth’s atmosphere contains many gases, but oxygen and carbon dioxide are the most important for plants. The plant uses both oxygen and carbon for building tissues and chemical compounds. Oxygen (~44%) and Carbon (~43%) are responsible for around 90% of a plant’s dry weight. The most critical gasses for plants are carbon dioxide, used for carbohydrate production during the dark phase of photosynthesis, and oxygen, required for fundamental metabolic processes.

Indoors we control air temperature, humidity, and CO2 saturation.



Finally, water is the third and essential factor. Plants require water for many functions, including transporting nutrients throughout their body and producing hydrocarbons in photosynthesis. During photosynthesis, plants break down water molecules to produce hydrogen and oxygen. Hydrogen is then used in the synthesis of carbohydrates. With adequate water, plants can transport nutrients, cool down and create the energy they need to grow.

Water also allows them to absorb minerals from the substrate or even contain all necessary nutrients if one grows hydroponically. Even though only around 10% of a plant’s dry weight is made out of 13 essential (6 macro + 7 micro) elements, they are irreplaceable and required to develop a living plant.

Indoors we control the water (wetness) and air content of the medium.



You can successfully grow any plant by understanding and optimizing these three factors. Remember, light, air, and water are the foundation of plant growth and development.

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