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Our guarantees

We are committed to providing the highest quality genetics at fair prices and an unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction. Seeds are living organisms, and some randomness must be expected when dealing with them. Please make sure to read and understand the following descriptions:   Germination Guarantee We offer a 90% germination guarantee. If, under suitable […]

Growing Space

To grow any plant successfully, you must consider three crucial factors: light, air, and water. Light Let’s begin with light. Plants require light to produce energy through photosynthesis. While animals and fungi consume pre-made organic energy sources, plants synthesize their food directly from the air with the help of light. All the bio-available energy that […]

Seed types (fem/reg, autos/photos, sativa/indica).

Seed types (fem/reg, autos/photos, sativa/indica).   When selecting cannabis seeds, one may be overwhelmed by the terms “regular” and “feminized.” Let’s break down their differences. Regular Seeds: These are standard seeds that all plants in the wild produce. They determine a 50/50 chance of producing a male or female plant. Experienced growers often prefer regular […]

Cannabis Biochemistry in Simple Terms

Every second of the life of every living thing is accompanied by an enormous amount of different biochemical processes, which are, in general, called metabolism or life maintenance. Animals and fungi depend heavily on readily available food sources filled with bioavailable energy and extensive diversity of macro and micronutrients. Plants have a unique ability to […]

Cannabis as a plant

  Cannabis as a plant   Morphology When we think of plants, we typically envision vibrant, green structures with solid stems, a bushy canopy of leaves, and long white roots. However, our planet’s plant life history extends far beyond this image. The first photosynthesizing organisms emerged more than 3 billion years ago, living in water […]

The Best Bugs Or Insects For A Cannabis Grow

No, it’s not a typo – there is such a thing as beneficial cannabis pests (the term pest is a little unfair here). Pests are something we always try to warn against when growing cannabis outdoors. In fact, we regularly recommend choosing cannabis strains that offer good levels of pest resistance. But – and it’s […]

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